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American West Vancouver Chinese School By-Laws

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  1. The mission of AWVCS is to teach and promote the Chinese language, culture, & heritage.
  2. The official name of the school is American West Vancouver Chinese School [AWVCS].
  3. AWVCS is an independent, educational, non-political, and non-religious 501(c)3 non-profit co-operative organization.
  4. AWVCS leadership involves the collective efforts of two teams: Administration Officers and a Parent Organization, with an Executive Board (members from both teams and general membership) which convenes as needed. Please note that all members of the AWVCS leadership are volunteers, and work hard to ensure that all students receive a quality learning experience.
  1. Students as appropriate to each AWVCS class are eligible without discrimination of gender, race or heritage.
  2. AWVCS reserves the right to determine the appropriate age, class size, and class material offered for each class level and for the optional third cultural class.
  3. All students are strongly encouraged to attend the optional third class for cultural enrichment.
  4. Enrollment is completed upon the receipt of the full semester tuition by AWVCS. Withdrawals and refunds will be made according to current school policies.
  5. Students can be removed from AWVCS at any time on grounds of actions that are detrimental or incommensurable with the interests of AWVCS, after being served three official warnings from the administration. This action must be ratified by a majority vote of the Executive Board.
  1. The main responsibility of the Parent Organization is to provide liaison between the parent membership and the Administrative team of officers to ensure the smooth operation of AWVCS.
    1. All parents and legal guardians of currently-enrolled students are automatically members of the Parent Organization. Parent Organization members can be removed from AWVCS at any time by a simple majority vote of the Administration Team, and ratified by a simple majority vote of the Executive Board, on grounds of actions that are detrimental or incommensurable with the interests of AWVCS.
    2. The overall Parent Organization has the responsibility to nominate the Principal, and to recommend operational and academic policies for consideration to the AWVCS school officers.
    3. All members shall have the opportunity to nominate or be nominated; and to elect or be elected for all open school official positions or Parent Organization official positions.
    4. The Parent Organization is led by a President and a Vice-President, both positions are elected by the members. The term of office is one year with up to one consecutive term allowed. In an effort to ensure a smooth transition, former principals may be requested to serve as school consultants in an advisory capacity.
    5. The main purpose of the Parent Representatives is to act as liaison with parents and students in their classes, and to maintain contact and to facilitate communication between parents and the Parent Organization leadership.
      1. One Parent Representative from each class will be selected at the first General Meeting of the AWVCS school year to be on the Parent Representatives Committee.
      2. Two Parent Representatives may be selected for any class with more than 15 students.
      3. The Parent Representatives Committee shall be headed by the Parent Organization President and Vice President.
    6. Members of the school may also share the responsibilities of teaching, serving on the administrative team, or assisting at various school functions, fundraising, and social activities.
  1. The Administrative Officers' primary responsibilities are to carry out the day-to-day operation including financial management and academic instruction. Other responsibilities include the establishment, interpretation and execution of the AWVCS school policies.
  2. The Administration team currently consists of eight positions: Principal, Vice-Principal, Academic Director, Treasurer, Purchaser, Secretary, Librarian, and Recreational Director. The Principal and/or Administration Team may add, eliminate, or modify the administrative team positions as necessary.
    1. The term of Principal is one year with one consecutive term allowed. After which, the Principal may be requested to serve an additional year in an ex-officio advisory capacity to facilitate the smooth transition of the AWVCS school leadership.
    2. The Principal will appoint the Vice-Principal, Academic Director, Treasurer, Purchaser, Secretary, Librarian, and Recreational Director. These positions must be selected and in place by the first day of the Fall semester.
    3. The Administrative Team should meet regularly during the AWVCS school year. Each meeting needs to be attended by more than half of the officers for it to be official.
    4. The Principal has the responsibilities to lead the school to meet its mission and vision, represent the school in the community, and oversee the smooth running of school operations including, but not limited to, financial, administrative, and instructional responsibilities.
    5. The Vice-Principal's duties are to assist the Principal with the daily school operations, and take the place as the Acting Principal in the Principal's absence.
    6. Voting issues at the staff meetings require a simple majority of attendees to pass. The Chairperson does not vote except to break a tie.
    7. The Administrative Team has the power to terminate any officer who is found to be not qualified for his/her job. The recommended termination needs to be submitted and signed by more than half of all the officers. The termination will be effective when ratified by a majority vote of the executive board.
  1. The AWVCS School Executive Board shall consist of the following seven positions:
    1. Current Principal;
    2. Current Parent Organization President;
    3. One (1) Teacher representative (appointed by the teachers);
    4. One (1) Administrative representative (appointed by the Administrative Team); and,
    5. Three (3) Parent Representative Committee members, Parent members or School Consultants (appointed by the Parent Representative Committee).
  2. The term of the Executive Board positions are for one year only (September to September) with one consecutive term allowed. Past executive board members may be asked to participate in an advisory capacity only.
  3. The AWVCS Executive Board members shall elect among themselves the position of President and Vice-President. The President and Vice President may appoint a replacement should a position be vacated during the school year.
  4. The responsibilities of the Executive Board are to promote the school’s mission and vision, to audit the finances of the AWVCS and the Parent Organization, to assist in fundraising for the school, and to oversee the annual election process.
  5. The AWVCS Executive Board actions will be taken in an open meeting, and public comment will be allowed upon the discretion of the AWVCS Executive Board. Executive Board meetings need to be announced to the membership no less than one week in advance.
  6. The AWVCS Executive Board may hold discussions or deliberations in closed executive sessions where no actions may be taken.
  7. Two-thirds of the Executive Board, 5 out of 7 board members, must be in attendance for executive board sessions and open meetings. A simple majority vote must be taken to pass all actions and/or motions on the floor.
  8. All decisions by the AWVCS Executive Board are final.
  1. Each year, at the annual Spring membership General Meeting, three positions – (1) the Principal; (2) the Parent Organization President; and, (3) the Parent Organization Vice President – will be elected by the overall Parent Organization membership.
  2. The nomination process will be by a written ballot format where the top 3 willing candidates with the most votes for each position will be put to a second round of election for a final vote. The finalists will be announced and their positions ratified by the general membership with a simple majority vote at the General Meeting in the Spring.
  3. To simplify the process, there shall be one nomination from each family, regardless of the number of students represented. There also will be one vote per position per family in the final round of election.
  4. Open positions at all levels must be filled expediently.
  5. Should there be any question regarding the election process, the Executive Board may be asked to decide on the actual structure and details of the nomination process to allow for the above positions to be filled.
  1. Any proposed addition or revision of the by-laws must first be presented and accepted by 2/3 of the Executive Board.
  2. The recommended changes need to be submitted for a simple majority vote at the General Membership Meeting before any changes can become effective.
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NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATORY POLICY: AWVCS admits students of all race, color, religion, sex and national origin. The school does not discriminate in its administration of educational, admission and any other policies and programs.