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首册班 / Phonics

首冊班是以台灣僑委會 所提供之新版 ㄅ ㄆ ㄇ ㄈ 為教材,介紹 注音符號並運用注音符號 結合韻母 及聲調 讓學生熟悉應用注音符號 來輔助中文發音 .

為求課堂生動活潑 老師會教授 兒歌及簡單遊戲 來幫助學生學習。學生年齡主要為四歲半以上 至六歲,但並無年齡限制。

Phonics class is based on Taiwanese Qiaowei committee provided newly revised teaching material using traditional phonics. The curriculum introduces consonants, vowels, accents and their combination; and extensively used them to help students familiarize with correct Chinese pronunciation. Teachers will use songs and games to engage the students and help them better learn the Chinese language.

The Phonics class lays the foundation by teaching the student the thirty-seven basic consonant and vowel sounds. Students then learn to speak and read using a combination of these sounds and their accents. Students will also familiarize themselves with the basic Chinese characters in addition to learning greetings, family relationships, counting, and writing.

Course Summary:

K 2
Skill Level
Beginner - 1 year
New Vocab.
Course Summary & Objectives

Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese more like native speakers by introducing Zhuying and Pinying.  Read short Chinese sentences.  Write some Chinese characters.
學習道地中文發音,四聲語調 ,注音, 拼音

Homework/ Exercises
家庭作業 習作

Zhuying practices, writing Chinese characters, CD listening log, reading log.
練唱歌詞, 聽録音 讀課文 習作本


Jennifer Hsei

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