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首册班 / First Level

華語課本第一冊採用 『全新版』教學;整冊共分十二課, 以一年兩學期時間教授。 課本內容以注音符號 補助日常生活上常用的生字詞語, 讓孩子能經由多聽,多看,多說,同時採用兒童華與中英文版 作為補助教材。能增進日常會話能力。加上簡單生詞習寫, 自然的增加識字與說話能力。老師的教學也以遊戲,,詩歌朗誦等趣味活動吸引學生學習的動機,達到輕鬆有效的練習成果。

Level 1 class uses a text book with two supplementary workbooks, which supports the twelve chapters of the main text book.

The book is designed to be covered within two semesters of the school year. Content of the textbook includes phonetics, that help increase daily vocabularies. A Children's Chinese-English edition of Chinese text supplements class material, and help increase student's ability to converse in everyday life.

In this level, students are encouraged to use read and write simple vocabulary. Teacher uses fun activities like games, stories, poetry, and skits, to promote the fun of learning.

Course Summary:


Level 1

Skill Level
Beginner - 2 years
New Vocab.
Course Summary & Objectives

Learn Chinese characters and phrases.  Speak and read short Chinese sentences.
學習認, 讀, 說,中文生字, 詞語, 短句子

Homework/ Exercises
家庭作業 習作

CD listening log, Reading short sentences.  Exercise book.
聽録音 讀課文, 習作本。


Amy Lee

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