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三册班 / Third Level

承續一 、二册之教學 , 培養讀、說、聽、寫之能力。
  1. 承續一 、二册學習字 、詞 、成語及中國文字之形 、音 、義 並加強讀 、說 、聽 、寫之練習。
  2. 融合中西文化之精髓 , 發揚光大獨立 、自尊 、勇敢 、有禮貌 、肯聽話之精神 .
  3. 養成『自己做功課』之習慣 與責任感。
  4. 知道常見之經典故事 、文化常識 、名詞用語、歷史傳說。
  5. 在生活中學講中國話 、認中國字 、活用成語、句型。
  6. 平平安安上下學 ,快快樂樂學中文 , 高高興興寫作業。

  1. Continues teaching Chinese from Book 1 and 2 classes. Develop reading, speaking, listening, and writing ability.
  2. Continues introducing vocabulary, phrases, and idioms. Also continue the teaching of the shape, sound, and meaning of Chinese characters, which in turn helps reading, speaking, listening and writing ability.
  3. Blend culture of east and west to help develop independence, self-respect, bravery, courtesy, and obedience.
  4. Develop the habit and responsibility of completing the student's homework by themselves.
  5. Know common classic Chinese stories, conventional knowledge, phrases and historical stories.
  6. In daily life, learn to speak Chinese, recognize Chinese characters; creatively use idioms and Chinese letters.
  7. Safely attend the school, joyfully learn Chinese, happily and willingly do homework.

Course Summary:


Level 3

Skill Level
2 years – 4 years
New Vocab.
Course Summary & Objectives

Learn more complex Chinese speaking sentences with compound, adverbs, and descriptive words.
Read longer stories and literatures. Learn more Chinese grammar by adding more Chinese speaking sentence patterns.

學習 認,  讀, 說, 較複雜 的中文句子和句法,   學習較長句型, 練習造句 , 讀短文, 故事。
Homework/ Exercises
家庭作業 習作

CD listening log, Read short stories and literatures.  Exercise books.  Projects/ presentation.
聽録音, 讀課文 或短文, 習作本 製作 表演。


Beshia Lee

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