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四册班 / Fourth Level

第四册共有課文 十六篇,收錄 116 個生字 . 總的教學原則是 學生中文的聽 、說 、讀 、寫總合訓練。 在這個總原則下, 分成三個教學重點:
  • 漢語拼音 :根據學校的要求,從第四册起,在學生掌握了注音符號的基礎上 , 教授漢語拼音 , 並貫穿在全册課本生字詞的學習上。使同學們通過讀、認、寫掌握漢語拼音。
  • 詞彙:根據在美國生長的孩子特點,上學期的教學重點是詞彙。包含詞滙量、 詞滙在生活中的運用、 成語的學習。
  • 造句 :是下學期的教學重點。由易到難,循序漸進地進行組詞造句訓練,為他們高册班學習 與寫作文打下基礎。
Level 4 class uses Book 4 class which has a total of 16 chapters, consisting of 116 new vocabularies. General teaching concept is listening, speaking, reading and writing practice. The 3 main parts of the Level 4 class includes:
  • Han Yu Pin Yin: According to our school's guidelines, students should have mastered traditional phonics at this point. So this class will build upon that and weave Pin Yin phonics instruction into the existing text book. The goal is to allow students to master Pin You through reading, recognizing, and writing.
  • Vocabulary: According to strong points of children growing in America, first semester's emphasis should be on vocabulary. This includes daily usage and learning classic idioms.
  • Sentence structure: This is a special emphasis for the second semester. Sentence structures will gradually become more complex as the semester progress, this is to lay the foundation for students to do well in advanced classes, especially in writing journals.

Course Summary:


Level 4

Skill Level
3 year - 5 years
New Vocab.
Course Summary & Objectives

Learn Chinese phrases and semantics, and more complex Chinese speaking sentences with more descriptive words.
Read longer stories and literatures.  Learn more Chinese grammar by adding more Chinese speaking sentences and reading some articles, news.  Write short paragraphs.
認 讀, 說, 寫, 更多中文字,  學習較複雜 的中文句子和句法, 學習較長句型, 並 用更多語助詞 和 修詞。

Homework/ Exercises
家庭作業 習作

Read longer stories and literatures.  Exercise books.  Small Projects, presentation, short speech.
讀課文 或短文, 習作本, 製作 表演, 準備演講, 朗讀。


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