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五册班 / Level 5

深化學生聽、 說、 閱讀、 寫作能力, 將學習生活化、 實用化, 從中獲得喜樂、 成就感, 提高濃厚的 學習興趣, 將喜愛學習中文的 種子深植孩子心中 。

結合中國悠久的文化、 歷史、 民俗、 節慶等等, 使中文學習更具有內涵, 使中文學習更具多元化 。

有感於逐漸普及的漢語拼音 在學生既有良好的注音程度上。 於每課生字旁加以漢拼 , 使孩子亦了解 另類拼音方式 。

Level 5 class focuses on developing profound listening, speaking, reading and writing skills by bringing Chinese into everyday language, making it a practical skill of students. While learning, we hope our students achieve a sense of accomplishment, and an interest in learning Chinese.

Blending together the long history of China, its culture, tradition, and festivals will allow students to have a sense of continuity between various implications of the Chinese languages, and striving for a more complete Chinese education.

Han Yu Pin Yin will gradually be introduced and will build on traditional phonics methods that students are already familiar with. Every time the class meets, we will add moderate Pin Yin practice, helping the children understand Pin Yin as an alternate set of Chinese phonics.

Course Summary:


Level 5

Skill Level
4 year & up
New Vocab.
Course Summary & Objectives

Learn more advanced Chinese phrases, and more complex Chinese speaking sentences with more descriptive words.
Read longer stories and literatures.  Learn more Chinese grammar by adding more Chinese speaking sentences.  Read Chinese books, articles, news.  Write short stories.
認 讀, 說, 寫, 更 較複雜 的中文句子和句法,  學習更長句型, 並用更多語助詞 和 修 加強閱讀能力 和聽力。

Homework/ Exercises
家庭作業 習作

Read longer stories and literatures.  Exercise books.  Small Projects, presentation, short speech.
讀課文 或短文, 習作本, 製作 表演, 準備演講, 朗讀。


Yu-pin Kuan

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