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高册班 / Advanced Level

今年改用『流傳文化』印製的全新版華語第四册 。 全册共 12 課 , 區分『好的行為』、 『學習的方法』、 『喜歡讀書』、 『啓示』四單元 。 每單元之三課 , 正好區分上下學期及四次考試 。

另附作業 A 、 B 本 , 供給同學每週書寫 , 並要求熟讀課本 。

每上完一課 , 次週上課時, 即行『生字小考』。 每人分別到黑板前做聽寫考試, 並要求齊聲唸課本一、 二次 。 每課分兩部分小測驗 『生字小考』 和 『句型考試』。

每兩周除課本外,另加補充閱讀材料。 ( 補充材料採影印方式供給學生 ) 唯於課堂內一律以國語授課,以國語溝通 。

本班是以注音 與漢語拼音並進 。 力求學生做到 : 『會聽、會講、能讀、能寫 ! 』

放學回去後,請家長協助子女作業 及課本朗讀 。

Level 6 class text consists of 12 chapters, which are grouped into 4 categories of good behavior, learning methods, love of books, and family. Each group has 3 chapters and will be tested collectively for a total of four examinations.

The textbook is supplemented by two workbooks which will be assigned as weekly homework for students. Students are required to know their text book and workbooks well for their exams.

Every class will have a 'vocabulary quiz' about materials covered in previous week. All students will also be requested to write vocabulary words by diction, and read the chapter together several times in class. Every class consists of a two-part test on vocabulary and sentences structures.

Every two weeks, in addition to regular class material, the teacher will recommend additional reading material. In every class, the teacher will use only Chinese for teaching and communication.

The class will use both traditional phonetics and Han Yu Pin Yin. Goal of the class is that students should be able to listen, speak, read and write the language.

Parents are encouraged to assist students with their weekly homework and reading.

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