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School Administration

Below are administrative officers for the school:

Title Chinese Name English Name Email
校長 / Principal 張瑋 Amy Tenbrink

簿記 / Bookkeeping 李美珍 H.T. Anne Chen

財務 / Treasurer   Connie Terpening

總務 / Purchaser 龔碧蓮 Masako Denny

Marketing & Community Outreach
  Maureen Hefflin

親子班 /
Mommy Danny & Me

Yu Zhang

首冊班 / Phonics 李靜娟 Jennifer Hsei

一冊班 / Level 1 A 張豐華 Jessica Backeberg

二冊班 / Level 2 朱竟秋 Ann Zhu

三冊班 /
Level 3 Conversation
李艾玲 Ai-Ling Lee
TA:  Wei Lu 呂韋

四册班/  Level 4 & Conversation

張瑋 Amy Tenbrink
TA: Joanne Chang 張竹恩

五冊班 / Level 5 Conversation 鄭少蘭 Amber Jeng

象棋 / Chinese Chess   Yao Huang

扯鈴 / Chinese Yoyo   Tim TenBring

童玩班老師 / Crafts 李靜娟

Jennifer Hsei

Parent Teacher Organization
會長 / Chair   Yao Huang

副會長 / Vice Chair

  Tim TenBrink

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NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATORY POLICY: AWVCS admits students of all race, color, religion, sex and national origin. The school does not discriminate in its administration of educational, admission and any other policies and programs.